Governor Dick Boulder Comp

The 7th annual Governor Dick Bouldering Competition

Each year, hundreds of climbers gather at Governor Dick for an annual bouldering competition and fundraiser. All of the money raised goes back to the park to be used for future events, trail maintenance and other bouldering-specific projects.

Most importantly, it’s a day of climbing with friends.

“The park really enjoys it,” said event organizer Adam Hartman. “They realize that we are one of the bigger user groups [of the park] and we’re proving to them that we really care about these boulders and are glad that they are protected.”

The competition has grown in popularity every year. This year, more sponsors than ever before packed the prize table with big ticket items such as crash pads, climbing shoes, climbing gear and lots more.

For this year’s competition, 500 climbs called boulder problems were assigned point values based on difficulty.

The climbers are judged by the total points of his or her best seven climbs of the day. The top three point values in each category are awarded a prize.

Recap video

Also each year, a recap video is put together showing highlights of the day. Adam Hartman asked me if I would be interested in putting together the video this year.

video equipment

My video equipment that I lugged with me all over the mountain.

I had originally planned on climbing in the competition, but I thought it might be just as much fun putting a video together so I said I would do it.

I also wanted to incorporate the great artwork that Rocky Woodling creates for t-shirts and flyers for each year’s competition. Using his design, I created a motion graphic bumper to put in the beginning of the video.

Rocky Woodling

The flyer Rocky Woodling designed for the 7th annual Governor Dick Bouldering Competition.

It was a long day of shooting and I was tired, but I really wanted to release the video the following morning.

That night I edited until 3:00 a.m. and was able to release the video later that morning.

Governor Dick Bouldering Competition results:

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