Lyman Lake in the fall

God’s Country

The beautiful, rolling mountains and crisp, fresh air are two qualities that give Potter County Pennsylvania its nickname, God’s Country.

Since I was a baby my parents have been taking me to our family cabin about halfway between Galeton and Coudersport.

In the 31 years I’ve been going there not that much has changed. And that’s one of the things I love about going to “the cabin.”

Among hiking, mountain biking and playing the classic Muppet Babies Memory at night, visiting Lyman Lake is a staple activity for a weekend trip to Potter County.

potter county cabin

My family cabin in Potter County.

Lyman Lake

Despite the rest of the surrounding area, Lyman Lake has undergone major changes.

The 45-acre, man-made lake was drained in 2000 after structural deficiencies in the dam were discovered. For eight years, the lake was a trickling creek.

But in 2008, the lake was re-opened along with other renovations to Lyman Run State Park.

Now, it’s better than ever.

Lyman Lake

Lyman Lake from 400-feet above the mountains