Governor Dick

Clarence Shock Memorial Park

This little mountain boasts 15 miles of trails on it’s 1,105-acre forest. The mountain is more commonly known as “Governor Dick.” It was dubbed the nickname in honor of a wood chopper and charcoal burner that worked on the mountain in the late 1700s.

The Governor Dick observation tower

The 66-foot tall observation tower on top of Mount Gretna

There is a unique observation tower that sits on top of Mount Gretna in Lebanon County. The 66-foot tall, reinforced concrete tower was built in 1954. It’s purpose then was to survey the land.

Now, the tower serves as a popular hiking destination. You can climb to the top of the tower and enjoy a beautiful 360° view.

Mount Gretna

Mount Gretna was once a place where charcoal was made. The charcoal was used at the Cornwall Iron Furnace. Today, Mount Gretna is a quaint little town. There’s a few nice restaurants, a lake you can swim in and even a roller rink.

Mount Gretna is one of my favorite places. The trails provide great hiking and mountain biking. This mountain is also the home to one of my favorite bouldering areas.