Hello. I’m Sean Heisey

Video is an amazing profession to work in. It’s so rewarding to see a project through from start to finish.

My career has taken me on a scenic tour of the media industry. I’ve worked as a graphic artist for a local TV news station and as a digital designer for an e-commerce website. I’ve been a production assistant on a TV crew and a video & interactive designer for an advertising agency. Now, I am a digital graphic journalist for a local newspaper.

The wide range of experience I gained from all of these jobs has given me the broad set of skills I need to produce award-winning work.

My videos have been featured on TV, USA TODAY and many other places.

penn state football

I produce high quality videos

A little production value goes a long way. Focusing on the fine details is what makes the difference between a good video and a great video. The true production value lies in the subtleties. All things considered, my goal is to craft videos that connect with their audience.

The videos I produce are polished, professional and make an impression.

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